Maintenance of product and content

Have you recently received a new product from us?

Here you will find all the information on how to take the best possible care of your product.


When you first receive a product from us, you may find that some wrinkles have occurred during packaging and shipping.
We recommend you invest in a good handheld steamer, to achieve the best possible result before use.

When the steamer is ready, hang the dress on a hanger and slide the steamer evenly over the fabric, holding the steamer directly in front of the surface of the product. Move the steamer from the top of the dress downwards, making sure to treat all areas evenly. For best results, gently stretch the fabric while steaming to help remove wrinkles. After steaming, let the dress hang and dry before wearing it. With the correct use of a steamer, you can easily and quickly give your new dress a fresh look without the need for an iron.

TIP: Hang your product in the bathroom while you shower, and the steam from the shower will naturally help to smooth out the wrinkles in the product.

The reason why our products must be maintained is that we only use good natural materials in our products, so that these should feel comfortable against the body, breathe well and last for a long time.


Virtually all of our products can be washed and steamed/ironed.

Wash the product at 30 degrees hand wash, on low spin. We recommend using a laundry bag, as this protects the products in the wash. Use gentle detergent, do not use fabric softener or other strong agents, as this can discolour and damage the fabric.

Exception: We do not recommend washing wool products, Milano jacket or Summer Star as these are products that can be damaged by washing. They can be cleaned well.

The product is dried lying flat on a drying rack.

All our products can be steamed or ironed on a low heat.



Flax is a natural fiber that comes from the plant Linum usitatissimum, also known as the flax plant.
Linen requires special care to preserve its beauty and durability.Linen dresses are elegant and timeless garments that give an airy and sophisticated feel. Linen's natural durability and breathability make it the ideal choice for dresses. When wearing a linen dress, be aware that linen can wrinkle more than other fabrics. This is part of the linen's unique character, but you can reduce wrinkles by hanging the dress on a hanger when damp and letting it dry naturally. When it comes to washing, linen dresses should be handled gently with mild detergents and avoid excessive heat, which can affect the structure and color of the fabric. With proper care, your linen dress will remain beautiful and comfortable to wear for a long time.


Cotton is a popular fabric choice among many due to its versatility and comfort. Cotton is a breathable fabric that feels comfortable against the skin, making it ideal for hot summer days or as a light layer on cooler days. These dresses come in a wide variety of styles and patterns and can be adapted to anything from casual everyday wear to more formal occasions depending on the design. One of the great advantages of cotton dresses is that they are easy to maintain - they can usually be machine washed on a gentle cycle and air dried. With proper care, a cotton dress can be a reliable and stylish item in your wardrobe for a long time. 



Tencel dresses are a popular and environmentally friendly clothing choice. Made from cellulose from wood pulp, the Tencel fabric is naturally soft, durable and has good breathability. Offering a perfect blend of comfort and style, these dresses are ideal for both everyday and party wear. The Tencel fabric also has an elegant sheen and falls beautifully on the body, giving the dress a luxurious look. In terms of care, Tencel dresses should be washed gently with mild detergents and air dried to preserve the fabric's quality and softness. With its sustainable production process and amazing properties, Tencel dresses are a great choice for those who value both style and responsible fashion.